Studio NOURR

NOURR, written phonetically, means light in Arabic. My love for light, light fall, ceramics, beautiful fabrics and history was partly shaped by a stay of more than seven years in Iran, Egypt and Jordan. I remember the sun rays through the round holes in the roof of the ancient bazaar in Tabriz, the beautiful ceramics from Yazd (southern Iran), the large copper lamps hanging in the souk in Cairo and the earth tones in the city of Petra in Jordan. While studying history, I studied the stories of the East from the 13th century onwards with its enchanting ceramics from China and Japan as well as the most beautiful fabrics from India. As a child, I would endlessly scour my grandparents’ cluttered attics, where the stories of the ‘old things’ in the family lay.

I united all these experiences and impressions in the creative Studio NOURR where I work daily with old and new ceramics, the most beautiful fabrics and antique objects. I firmly believe that unique objects, from your own family or from around the world, give your home the personality and authenticity that makes you and your family unique.

A lamp as an eye-catcher gives light and ambiance to a room. At Studio NOURR, we transform vases that are unique into a lamp. In this way, all vases become exclusive lights, of which there is often only one copy.

Annegien Loudon-Koudijs