Lamp – Netherlands – Petrus Regout ca. 1900

The lamp base is part of a cabinet set by the Sphinx of Maastricht. Petrus Regout (1801-1878) founded a modern, mechanised pottery factory in Maastricht in 1836. It still took decades before Regout was able to compete with tableware production in England and elsewhere. At the end of the 19th century, Regout pottery was shipped all over the world. After 1899, the name was changed from Petrus Regout to pottery factory the Sphinx. The ceramics industry played a prominent role in Maastricht’s economic development for a long time. In 1969, the Sphinx stopped manufacturing household pottery and focused on producing only sanitary ware and tiles.

Lampshade – Doupion wild silk emerald green

Height lamp base 26 cm
Height lampshade 30 cm

3 pieces in stock

€ 375 each

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