Lamp – Korea – Modern – 20th century

Korean modern Celadon lamp base. The application of Celadon glaze is centuries old. Celadon glaze was used as early as the Korean Goryeo dynasty (918-1392). It is a blue-green glaze and is called ‘bisaek’ in Korean. That means: kingfisher green. This beautiful kingfisher green glaze is still used today in Korea and China, among others.

This unique, stylish lamp suits both classic and modern interiors. The colour and shape of the shade can be changed at any time. Would you like to know whether the lamp fits your interior? I will visit you for a fitting session without any obligation.

Lampshade – wild silk, colour (slightly dark) yellow

Height lamp base 25 cm
Height lampshade 25 cm

1 piece in stock

€ 450 per piece